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In their fourth album Spicy Kid (released June 26, 2012), Lunch Money explores the parent-child relationship. Inspired by her own experiences as a mom, singer Molly Ledford has penned ten musical snapshots of life - a sort of parenting blog in song form. Kicking the album off from the point of view of the original spicy kid, the Gingerbread Man, the band takes the listener from rainy walks and rural drives to softly navigated nighttime hallways and tell-tale "time out" steps with the paint picked away. Attempting to capture moments from those early years of parenting, somehow both endless and fleeting, and the closeness, both fierce and tender, between parent and child, Molly and her band offer up their most personal collection yet.

The album features instrumental guest appearances by family artists Lori Henriques and Dean Jones as well as cellist Heidi Brown Carey.

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Lunch Money brings the indie rock experience to family audiences with an energetic, musical salute to the stuff of childhood: blowing bubbles, pushing buttons, going to the library and getting dizzy.  The Columbia, South Carolina-based trio has songs in regular rotation on SiriusXM Radio and has been reviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered." Lunch Money has played venues and festivals around the United States, including World Cafe Live (Philadelphia), Symphony Space (NYC), Town Hall Seattle, The Orlando Repertory Theatre, Austin City Limits Festival and Lollapalooza. Their most recent album Spicy Kid was released on Squirrel Mechanic Records on June 26, 2012.

Lunch Money began performing in 2003 when singer/guitarist Molly Ledford (previously of The Verna Cannon - Cargo/Headhunter) decided to try her hand at bringing the live music experience to young audiences. She enlisted fellow Verna Cannon bandmate Jay Barry (drums) and J.P. Stephens (bass) to form Lunch Money, the name chosen to honor that first taste of childhood independence and power. Focusing her writing, which had been described as "full of memories left in a shoebox in the dusty corners of your brain" (, on the stuff of childhood, Molly soon accumulated a new catalog of songs about such things as wishing for a pet dog, getting up the nerve to ride a roller coaster, and twirling around in rain and sun beneath an umbrella. In 2010, trombonist Russell Ramirez joined the band.

Lunch Money can be heard on the new Spare the Rock Records compilation Science Fair, and Molly has collaborated with fellow family artists Billy Kelly, Recess Monkey and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo on their recent albums.