Our Albums

Four releases from West Columbia, SC's Lunch Money/Squirrel Mechanic Records.

  • SQM 004

    New!Spicy Kid

    Ten songs about parents and kids. Lots of love in this record!

    1. Gingerbread Man
    2. Spicy Kid
    3. You Were a Basket of Flowers
    4. Translator
    5. Time Out
    6. Awake
    7. A Walk in the Rain
    8. S.P.E.L.L.
    9. Puzzle Pieces Within
    10. What Will You Ever See
  • SQM 003

    Original Friend

    A dozen songs of love and friendship on a CD that looks like a donut. Sounds about right!

    1. Friends Again
    2. Original Friend
    3. Getaway Car
    4. Come Over to My Dollhouse
    5. My Bed
    6. You and Me and a Bottle of Bubbles
    7. Picking Teams
    8. I Want to Push Buttons
    9. Follow Me Home
    10. Snow Globe
    11. Please Don't Move (to Another Time Zone)
    12. Friend Donut
  • SQM 002


    Our second album, released January 2009. This one's a party, and the horns make all the difference.

    1. 5' 7"
    2. Free MP3 I Love My Library
    3. Everybody's Coming to the Zoo
    4. Somehow a Frog Finds a Pond
    5. It Only Takes One Night to Make a Balloon Your Friend
    6. Are You a Rabbit?
    7. Free MP3 Dizzy
    8. Ate Too Much of My Favorite Food
    9. At the River
    10. Wake Up, World
    11. Tiny Dinosaurs
    12. A Cookie As Big As My Head
  • SQM 001

    Silly Reflection

    Our first record, released December 2004. Ten friendly songs, instantly as familiar as the steps to your best friend's house.

    1. Silly Reflection
    2. Tricycle
    3. Caboose
    4. Miniature Things
    5. Yes, We Have Rhythm
    6. Got to Watch Out
    7. Free MP3 Roller Coaster
    8. I Want a Dog
    9. Umbrella
    10. Nightlights