A little about the new CD

Hello! We have a new CD out today. It's called Spicy Kid. We recorded it in about 2 weeks, which is totally unprecedented for us. And I mean that is fast. A lot of the songs were written in a short period of time. The album feels as fresh to me as the Gingerbread Man on the front cover. But the ideas behind the songs...they've been accumulating for years. Maybe just a few phrases sung into my iPhone or even (hilarious to think) a tape recorder. They've really been accumulating for nearly 9 years, which is how long I have been a mom. Now, I think I had around 30 song ideas, but these were the 10 that got written. One, called "Awake," wasn't even on my list, but I was lying down with my daughter, keeping her company as she was falling asleep, and I started remembering how I used to feel as a child when I would wake up in the middle of the night. How I would make my way silently down the hall, trying not to wake up the whole house but knowing my mom would be sitting up by the time I got to her doorway. All of this goes to say that this is a very personal record. But I hope you will recognize your own moments in mine...because I think they are pretty universal. You can listen to all the songs on our new music page.


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