Why tour?

In the midst of all of these thoughts, it could be easy to abandon the idea of touring altogether, but when I take my own kids to see other bands play, I understand its impact from the audience's perspective. A live show makes a dramatic difference. My kids may arrive at the venue mildly enthusiastic about a performer, but after they see the live show, they suddenly take that artist extremely personally. The next thing I know, I'm overhearing imaginary phone calls between my daughter and Justin Roberts, and the music is in rotation, rotation, rotation. So I think... yeah, gotta tour. At least a little.

Recently we hung out with some old friends for the first time in years, and, I have since heard, after we left their kids took a new interest in our music. Lunch Money was back in the CD players. An eleven-year-old was revisiting songs she had liked as a much younger child, and she was listening on a different level now. The songwriter in me could not have been more pleased to hear this. I mean, that's what it's all about.

So... new PR mission. Gotta tour. And gotta have lunch with everyone who has a Lunch Money record. Look out families, here we come. We'll bring dessert! Do you like cookies?


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